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Synchronize Android/PC: contacts, appointments, photos, files

Thursday, October 19th, 2017

There’s a lot of data in every Android phone. What is the best way to synchronize it?

1) Synchronize contacts/appointment with Outlook

Easy2Sync for Outlook allows you to easily synchronize Outlook calendars and contacts with the corresponding Google services. And they are automatically synchronized with your Android mobile phone.

2) Synchronize photos via MTP/USB

When you connect your phone to your PC, Easy2sync for Files allows you to synchronize all folders with your PC, just like normal file folders. Perfect for backing up your photos.

Power tip: The task type “Overwrite” (=copying and never deleting) is perfect for this purpose. This will give you a copy of all the pictures, even if you delete something on your phone for space reasons.

3) Synchronize files via MTP/USB

Just like the photos, you can synchronize all other file folders with your PC. Simply select when you create the task. Ready.

Both Easy2Sync’s are available in a bundle with 25% discount.

Easy2Sync for Files 7.08

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

We just published version 7.08 of our file-sync software Easy2Sync for Files. The update fixes several smaller problems.

More information can be found on the file sync page.

Hide Outlook Folders 1.08

Monday, October 9th, 2017


A small update for our tool to make Outlook folders invisible. This version fixes a crash that could occur on some systems.

More info about the program can be found on the hide Outlook folder page.

Synchronizing Outlook 9.11

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

The new version 9.11 of our Outlook sync program Easy2Sync for Outlook is now available. The update fixes a start problem that occurred on some systems and improves the Google contact sync.

More information about the program can be found of the Outlook sync page.