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Synchronize your Outlook

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Do you want your e-mails, contacts, etc. synchronized between your PCs within minutes?

Easy2Sync for Outlook does that!

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Google contacts and Google calendars can be synchronized, too1) - and thus all Android devices.

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Simple, Safe and Swift Sync for Outlook!

Synchronize Outlook: E-Mails, Calendars, Tasks, Contacts
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    Wizards help you get started. (Even for special cases.)

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    Tried, tested & proven for years.

  • No unsafe third-party servers
    All data is kept on your own computers only.

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    You choose: Silent background sync or dialogs.

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    Demo version and money back guarantee.

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Features: Works as YOU need it to!

Any DataE-mails, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks. All or parts.
Any VersionOutlook 97 to 2021 and Windows NT to Windows 10! Any combination thereof.
Any TimeSync manually, time-based, on startup/shutdown, etc.
Any SizeUnlimited folders/number of mails/PST size.
Any FilterExclude by age, category, folder, "private" flag or subject.
ANYTHING!Notebook, desktop, laptop, team calendars, password protection, e-mail notification, backup mode, move mode, exchange support (optional), public folders, folders with different language names, NT services.

Examples: Use Easy2Sync for Outlook to...

  • sync your Google Calender1): Your Google Calendar is just another data for Easy2Sync for Outlook (Business Edition). You can sync/copy it with your PST file / Exchange account calendar. >>

  • sync your iCloud account: If you own multiple iPhone/iPad devices, you'll probably want to tync their iCloud account(s) with Outlook. For example to have the same contacts on all devices. No problem for Easy2Sync for Outlook. >>

  • synchronize your laptop: When you take your laptop with you on business trips, or work on your home computer on weekends, your Outlook information gets out of sync. Easy2Sync for Outlook ensures that you'll have the latest e-mails on all of your computers and syncs Outlook between multiple computers, automatically. >>

  • share your calendar with your team: If you have multiple PCs in your office and want to have a common calendar, you can simply limit the Outlook synchronization to your calendar. This way, all of your coworkers will have the same calendar items that you have. If you want, you can exclude your private calendar information from the synchronization. >>

  • have a central contact database: There should be a single, up-to-date list of all contact information for your employees, colleagues or team. You can use Easy2Sync for Outlook to synchronize Outlook on all PCs and limit the synchronization to the contacts. >>

  • take your Exchange server along: With Easy2Sync for Outlook you can synchronize not only Outlook, but also one Exchange server with Outlook. (Or even accounts from two different Exchange servers.) Of course, you can filter by age, category, folder, subject or private flag. >>

  • create an Outlook backup: E-mails are essential for your business, but they take up a lot of space. In addition to synchronizing between computers, Easy2Sync for Outlook can also copy Outlook information to a backup file. Keep only the latest information on your computer. By limiting e-mails to, say, the last 4 months, and contacts to the last 12 months, you can save space and make Outlook run faster. >>

  • relieve your mobile: Your mobile phone came with a synchronization program. But what if you simply have too many e-mails to put on your mobile? Easy2Sync for Outlook lets you filter out unwanted contacts/appointments/e-mails by age, category, folder, subject or private flag. Then you can synchronize this smaller group of e-mails to the device. >>

  • delete duplicate e-mails: There are many programs to delete duplicates in Outlook, but Easy2Sync for Outlook does it for free. Because the Freeware Edition is all you need to remove your duplicate e-mails, contacts and calendar items.>>

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    1) This feature can only guaranteed depending on Google. If Google should decide to turn it off or charge for it, we have to do the same.

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