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...about 1-Click Duplicate Delete for Outlook: (Download, Info)

Love the program does pretty much exactly what it says on the tin and actually works unlike several others that I have tried.
Haydon Carter

It's great! You've saved me from hours of tedious work, thank you so much!
Morgan Perry

Just want to thank you for writing this program. I was hesitant to use anything with my BlackBerry and Outlook as I couldn't find rave reviews of any program anywhere, anywhere. I took a chance with your product and I'm delighted it does just what you say it should and what I wanted. Have not complaints. I had previously lost all my data and pulled in backups from various devices and databases. 1 click resolved all issues. You saved my ass.
Jon E Posner

I don't often buy shareware but this is fully worth it. Saved me hours of manually deleting dupes
Paul Lees

You're a star. It works like a charm. You seriously have some of the most useful software on the Net.
Eben Klynsmith

...about Easy2Sync for Outlook: (Download, Info)

Hi, firstly, I would like to extend my thanks for producing a first class piece of software.

Congratulations, you have significantly improved an already brilliant product. It is so fast now it will really save me time.
Chris Martin

Thank you for an excellent product and support.
Carsten Wiborg

Just a quick.... WOW!! E2SO 2.0 is SOOOOOOOO fast. I love it! It used to take 2.5 to 3.0 minutes to scan my 750mb PST files and compare. Now it takes less than 20 seconds after it completed its first scan. Very impressive improvement! Congrats to you for that!
Jeffrey R. Peterson

Thank you very much! Your Easy2Sync products are great!!!
Spencer Edwards

Fantastic! Thomas, I love your software, it makes running a small business so much simpler.
Stephen Cooke

Just a quick note to tell you how very satisfied I am with Easy2Sync for Outlook. I'm a hobbyist coder, and it's great to use such a stable and well thought-out application.
Dave Bushnell

I give you an A+++++ in your customer support.
Terrie Bruyere

Love your product. Thank you for developing it.
Chris Franklin

Thanks again, your software is amazing. Thank you very much...
Karim Remu

Thank you for you quick response, look like I got great service included in the buy of Easy2Sync.
Dennis van der Heijden

I just have to email you and say what a fantastic program Easy2Sync for Outlook is!!!
Mats Norberg

Thanks, Tom, for such a quick response. I should add, you really do make a fine product, especially when compared with everyone else out there. In short, you have no competition.
Robert Tilewick

I just wanted to tell you that I have been using your product now for more than a year, and I could not live without it. It is a Must-Have software for anyone who works with outlook on 2 different PC's. I have tried other software, like (competitor's name was removed by ITSTH) for example, but had nothing but problems!!!!! I do Microsoft Technical Support, and I tell my customers about this product very often. I just wanted to say thank you for all the work you put into this product.
Patrick Smith

Just got your software a couple of weeks ago and am thrilled to see it works so well. This is the 3rd software I have purchased to try and sync outlook and the only which works.

I just want to say that I have been looking for a program to do this for over two years now and I am so excited to finally have something that works. This is fantastic! Thank you for creating this program!
Tracey Miles

I am a college student on the run all the time. I have both a desktop and laptop machine which I use frequently, and I run Outlook 2007 on both. You'd think that Microsoft would have figured out more people run two copies of Outlook they need to keep synced by now, but they haven't. That's where you come in. I tried a competing product, but said product crashed, and when it did manage to work it generally caused my Reminders to disappear (with an error that "An object could not be found.") It seemed entirely random when this would occur. Easy2Sync does not cause these problems, instead it does what it is supposed to do without hassle. You also offer a generous student discount (fellow student road-warriors take note). Thus, I was sold on your product. Took me less than two minutes to set up, runs perfect.

Thanks for your software. I've relied on Easy2Sync for years now and it has made traveling so much easier for me. I can sync my mobile computer to my laptop and both machines are up to date.

Many thanks for the truly great product support over the past few years. It is appreciated.
Norm Beck

Your software is awesome. Thanks to its abundant options (e.g. synchronization on a computerīs availability in the Network), I can easily synchronize with my tablet even if Outlook is opened on my main computer. And whatīs very important, itīs all automatic.
Tadeusz Dracz

Hi - Have been using E2S for Outlook for about 6 years. Recently needed to synch to a new version of outlook to an old version. It worked flawlessly. Absolutely perfect! I never would have believed it had all these features. Great job. Thanks much,
Rob Dixon

In case I haven't mentioned it before, I am in awe of this software. It is so powerful and the way the options are put together is a work of art. Well done.

A great product that is easy to use, flexible and actually works. I had one little problem that in fairness was probably caused by my own unusual demands on the software, but my email was answered by return and a solution proffered. A truly 1st class product backed up with the same level of customer service. I would have no hesitation in recommending this software.
John - Woking

I have been using Easy2Syng for Files and Easy2Sync for Outlook for years. I went searching for an application to sync between a desktop and a laptop and to create a backup and I found these 2 wonderful products. At the time (XP days) these were the only 2 products that I found that actually worked (others worked too, but each had a small flaw here or there. Easy2Sync (both products) worked, worked reliably and worked correctly. I thought that was the end of my excitement, I found what I was looking for and needed to do nothing else. It is now years later, and as new features get added to these products, I periodically find an issue/bug, etc. Now here's where my excitement about these products gets interesting. It's probably been 8-10 years (or so) since I purchased these and still, if I come across a problem, I email the developer, and get a response within 24 hours. Mr. Holz has coded several custom versions over the years, just for me (these, updates get added to the next release, but they were initially created just for me).
I'm not sure I have EVER experienced that level of customer service from ANY software provider, EVER. Ok, maybe one or two others, but considering I spend my life on the computer and I usually never get a response from a vendor (past the initial, "... we got your email..."), this is certainly a standout.
If you are considering any of the products that Itsth sells to accomplish a task in your environment, I can, from personal experience, declare that you can do no better than these products.

Awesome, just AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
Matt Perna

...about Easy2Sync for Files: (Download, Info)

I love your program. It is the best program of its kind that I have ever found!
Geoff Bodeau

I have been using this product, and Outlook, for about 6 years. I love it.
Michael Frazee

Thank you for an excellent program.
Anton van Dyk

As I said in an earlier e-mail, your software is really fantastic and has never let me down. Having backups in my different offices gives me a great sense of security, knowing that whatever happens, the most recent data will be safe on an external drive - somewhere.
Professor Christopher R. Stones

Just a note of thanks for such a fine and trouble-free product. Your two Sync programs have worked flawlessly for me for almost two years now and I just wanted to thank you for filling this need. Excellent job!
Tom Burrus

Excellent product, does exactly what you need it to -without unnecessary frills. As a business customer I had numerous initial questions about this product, and required some guidance in tailoring the software settings to my exact needs. I received outstanding customer service within hours (if not minutes) of requesting support. I highly recommend this product to any individual or business user.

I just wanted to say how impressed I am by Easy2Sync. I've been using it for some time to keep my laptop sync'd with my desktop, and it has worked very well.
Richard Lamsdale

I just wanted to email to say what a great product you have! It makes my jobs a lot easier!
Kyle Walker

I bought EasySync a while ago for sync our Logistics Management system across our WAN and it's a fantastic product.
Trevor Chant

I rarely take the time to write testimonials such as these but after seeing your application, I thought you earned my feedback. Whoever led the development of this application deserves a great acknowledgement. I'm not sure that I've ever come across an application that was so well thought out, so comprehensive, well documented and given such meticulous attention to detail. I say this, coming from a computer science degree and over 12 years in software development, management and sales. I only fault you for setting the bar so high that now I am even more disappointed than I was with the rest of my software.
David E. Kahn

The program is taking seconds to do what used to take me nearly an hour.
Mike Henderson

I have just purchased your programm Easy2sync, and I think it's brilliant.
Paul Boomsma

I purchased both of your products yesterday and just installed them. They worked perfectly with no problems. It is great to buy a product and have it exceed my expectations.
Mike Kittelson

Your product is really the greatest! (...) You have incorporated all the features that are missing or don't work in other programs I've tried. Thanks for your commitment to excellence.
Walter Leveille

Thank you for such a great product and for continuing to keep us informed of continuing updates on a regular basis. It is so refreshing to see someone who truly believes in the product they have created that they continue to truly improve it.
Nick Drakakis

I find Easy2Sync very valuable and easy to use. Local computer professionals were not aware of this program, I had to find it with an extensive search of the net. Other programs are available, but they do not specifically meet my requirements like Easy2Sync. I now sync specific groups of files with my laptop, and also use it to sync those same files to a computer in another building, for security reasons. It was easy to set up (after some study) and gives me peace of mind now that I have duplicate copies of data on different computers.
John Dappert

I just wanted to say, I have purchased and used a lot of software over the years, most of which is average at best. Many change for the worst instead of better. Very few get the test of time as well as really useful. I had tried several programs before I got yours and both Easy2sync for Files and Outlook have become one of those few essential tools that has been flawless, dependable and most of all useful.
Norm Aylward

...about HideOutlookFolders: (Download, Info)

Thank you so much for this fantastic software !!! I have wanted to get rid of Journal and Tasks and Notes for 17 years !!!!!
Louise Slade

...about ReplyButler: (Download, Info)

I didn't get a chance to thank you for the follow-up and the great product. One of the two best Outlook add-ins I have ever seen. Cheers and great work.
Gary Solomon

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the developer for this "life saving software".
Wendy Whitaker

I tell you I use this every day. Cannot live without it and still there is nothing like it out there. Well done.
Pete Zawacki

...about ZeroClickSpellchecker (Download, Info)

I recently purchased Zero-Click Spellchecker and wanted to say what a wonderful program it is. One of the most useful attributes of Zero-Click Spellchecker is that it corrects errors everywhere, even in places I wouldn't have expected it to work. Thanks for developing it.
Fred Spilka

This is a great piece of software. It took me a little while to get used to it but now I totally rely on it.

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