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Freebee of the week: Free Innovative Logo templates

Sunday, August 26th, 2007

It’s always difficult to find a fresh approach for logo design. If you want a new, innovative logo, it’s time to look at our new logo pack.

This pack contains 25 “.CompanyLogo” files which can be use in our Company Logo Designer. Simply install the CompanyLogoDesigner first and then the logo pack, then you’ll have the new templates available. Give it a try and get the Company Logo Designer.

Innovative Logo Innovative LogoLogoCompany Logo

Freebee of the week: Industry Logo Pack

Sunday, August 19th, 2007

Want an industry-style logo? Well, try the Company Logo Designer and get the free industry logo pack. It contains 25 logo templates to give you a real good start with the design process.

The logo pack is free (you can download it here) and it’s compatible with the Demo Version of the Company Logo Designer.

Here are some examples:

Industry logocomapany logo industry logostylish industry logo

New partner: Synkia

Friday, August 17th, 2007

Our product Easy2Sync for Outlook is great for synchronizing Outlook data on PC, like contact data stored. But it’s not able to make a backup of cell phone data.

To close this gap, we have a new partner: Synkia

Their service allows it to make backups of your cell phone data (like phone number lists) and even to transfer this data to your new mobile phone.

How to use text modules in Outlook

Sunday, August 12th, 2007

Outlook is a great e-mail client, but shorthand text modules are not its strong suit. Some people suggest to use text expansion macros, but remembering them isn’t easy either, especially if you have a lot of text modules. (Most people who work in software support do.)

ReplyButler, can not only answer your e-mails with the right name, it also stores text modules. For this, it includes a new dialog bar, where you can see your text modules in a menu structure. Simply Ctrl+Click any of these items to add a new text module. (Or just click it to access the menu structure of your boilerplate texts.)

ReplyButler also allows language-specific text modules, variables, etc. But, then, that will be blogged on a different day. 😉

Please click here to try ReplyButler’s text moules in Outlook.

New Version of our e-mail helpdesk tool

Friday, August 10th, 2007

Yes, version 1.29 is out and brings some improvements and bug fixes. It’s amazing how many detatils there are to consider and what variaty of things people write into the field where their name should go (making the work for ReplyButler difficult).

So, the name and language recognition where improved in this release once again to give you the perfect help desk experience. If YOU encounter one of these problem e-mails when doing your e-mail support with ReplyButler, please drop us a line and include the problem e-mail and we’ll get YOUR special case fixed, too. 🙂