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What’s my computer doing? [Beta]

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Why is the hard disk LED blinking right now? Why is the Cpu fan starting to spin?

That’s what you often asked yourself? Well, so did we.

That’s why we created a new program. The name says it all: “What’s my computer doing?”

WMCD shows you which programs use your hard disk or your cpu and how often they this. And it even does that in retrospective: If you want to know which program, just HAD accessed your hard disk, WMCD also shows this.

WMMP is still a beta, so we’d happy to get your feedback. The program is free and can be downloaded here: What’s my computer doing?

Beta: Easy2Sync for Files 1.25

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

If synchronizing your files has been too difficult with any software so far, you should try the beta version of Easy2Sync for Files. The “New task” assistant has undergone a major rework to make it very easy to set up a synchronization task.

Especially sharing a folder can be difficult on a Windows PC, but it’s always necessary for a file synchronization. The new release makes this a lot easier by proving a wizard that helps you choose and share the right folder.

Share a folder

If you want to have a look at the latest version, visit the Easy2Sync for Files Homepage.

Public Beta: TheBest Minimize to Tray

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007

Yes, it’s finally out. Our new little tool to minimize other programs to the system tray.

Why we wrote it? Because the world needs it, we think. Yes, there are already other programs out which do something similar, but they don’t work very well, are cumbersome to configure or lack features. At least we didn’t find any that we wanted to use ourselves.

And it IS really useful. Finally the taskbar is a bit more “clean” and the programs that currently aren’t needed, are minimized into the tray (shown as an icon next to the system clock).

You can try it for yourself: Get the demo of TheBest Minimize to Tray.

Oh, and here’s the next revision for the “Minimization gnome”. 😉

Minimize to Tray

Beta 2: Remove Outlook Duplicates

Tuesday, November 21st, 2006

You’ve got this e-mail twice. You’ve got this e-mail twice. 😉

And with 1-Click 1-Click Duplicate Delete for Outlook, you can get rid of them very easily. The Beta 2 is now out, with some improvements for the toolbar and an intelligent assistant that can offer you to search for similar objects instead of real duplicates.

Click here to participate in the beta program:
Remove Outlook Duplcates