ReplyButler 4.00: Outlook and plentyMarkets

The new  ReplyButler 4.00 is available and brings great news. The biggest one  is the support for the plentyMarkets shop system. If you’re running such a shop, you’ll see immediately the key data for each e-mail: customer number, address, order number, status and package number.

The text modules can also use the shop system’s data. Such a text module might for example automatically include the package number of the customer’s most recent order. If that’s not enough there’s a hotkey to bring you from the e-mail or e-mail list to the customer page in your shop administration.

Furthermore the text modules can now include images and add new recipients to the e-mail.

And if you’re using a different CRM / shop system, you can configure the mentioned features yourself manually.

More information about ReplyButler for Outlook and text modules can be found on the homepage, and there’s a new sub-page just for plentyMarkets.

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