OT: Exchanging the HDD in a P7010 Lifebook

Yeah, off-topic, I know. But I like my Lifebook and changed the hard disk today and had a hard time finding a how-to for this. Fujitsu-Siemens doesn’t bother to tell you.

So here’s how to.

Before you start:

  • Make a backup
  • Get some non-magnetized screwdrivers
  • Don’t blame me if something goes wrong. This goes without any warrenties. 😉

Step1: Remove the battery and press the power button for a few seconds to remove any remaining energy.

Step2: Turn the Laptop around and remove the 3 screws at the front.
Lifebook P7010 Harddisk

Step3:Turn the notebook around again and carefully pry open the wrist-rest. Don’t pull it away too strong, the touch-pad is still connected with some cables!
Fujisu P7010 open

Step4: You can see the harddisk at the front right. It’s only held by the ATA cable. Carefully pull it out and exchange the disk. Don’t damage the HD pins, or you won’t be able to revert back in case of problems.
P7010 hard disk

That’s it. Oh by the way: Both Easy2Sync for Files and Easy2Sync for Outlook have “Copy” modes that can be used for a backup. (Not so off-topic after all 😉

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