Merging contacts (duplicates)

Especially when you’ve got duplicate contacts, it can happen that the contacts are not quite the same, but similar. Now what can you do about this? Deleting simply one version probably isn’t what you want.

With 1-Click duplicate for Outlook it’s easy by default. Simply run the scan in the 1-click mode and the program will merge the contacts.
Meaning: If the items are the same, it’s fine. If some items are different, they’ll be assigned both value. The new one and in brackets the old one. This way, you still have both values (in case that you still need the old phone number, for example).

If you’re using the advanced mode, please make sure that you don’t disable the contact merge option for this (it’s enabled by default):
Merging contacts

Give it a try now! (It even works with the demo version.)

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