Sync Outlook Express with Easy2Sync for Files

The headline may sound a bit strange, as we have another product named Easy2Sync for Outlook. But since that’s only for Outlook (and not Outlook Express). But don’t worry, with some limits, you can still sync them.

Search your harddisk for *.dbx files or go to Tools / Options / Maintenance and choose the StoreFolder button to find the folder where your mail files are stored. You can use Easy2Sync for Files to synchronize these files with another PC. If you want to synchronize this directory ONLY (and no other directories), the Freeware Edition is all you need, so you won’t have to buy anything.


Yes, now comes the BUT part. Easy2Sync for Files doesn’t understand what’s inside the file, it just copies the newer version over the folder. And if you’ve modified the same file on both PCs single the last sync, you’re in trouble. Easy2Sync will ask you with version you’ll want to keep and which one to loose.

The solution: Synchronize often. Especially always synchronize before switching to the other PC.

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