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Easy2Sync for Outlook

Exchange questions

Can I sync with Exchange accounts?
Yes. All accounts listed under "Start > Control panel > Mail > Profile" can be synchronized by Easy2Sync for Outlook.

I want to sync only my Exchange calendar / contacts. Is that possible?
Yes. When creating the task, simply choose the desired folders.

Can I sync accounts from two different Exchange servers?
Yes. Simply make sure that you have a profile (Start > Control panel > Mail > Profile) for each server and then choose these profiles in Easy2Sync for a sync.

Can I sync an Exchange account with a PST file?

Can I sync "Public folders"?
Yes, you can sync "Public folders" with other folders (public or private). For example you can sync a public calendar folder with a user's private calendar folder.

Can I sync "Shared" Exchange folders?
Sorry, no. Shared Exchange folders cannot be synchronized. You need full access the respective account. (Note: This answers applies to Exchange only and NOT to shared folders in a Windows file system.)

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