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Does Easy2Sync work over the XYZ protocol?

Does Easy2Sync work over the XYZ protocol?
There are countless methods and protocols (Sharepoint, Webdav, Webfiles, ...) to transfer files. So numerous that we can't support all, sorry.

We support sFTP/FTP/FTPs/MTP connections and Windows networks.

Is your connection being supported? You can test it:
  • Can you access the remote files with all applications and also assign drive letters (like X:\) to the network folder?
  • Only Easy2Sync for Files: Can you establish a connection with a normal FTP client? (e.g. via the commandline "c:\> FTP myserver.com")

If the answer to one of these questions is YES, then Easy2Sync will also work here. Otherwise not.

Search keywords: Webfiles, Webdav, Sharepoint, FTP, SFTP FTPs, (and many more)
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