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Can the software synchronize my contacts (and *only* these)?

Can Easy2Sync for Outlook synchronize my contacts (and *only* these)?
Yes. Easy2Sync for Outlook synchronizes (in the Business Edition) e-mails, contacts, tasks, calendar items, journal items and notes. You can limit the synchronization to certain folders, e.g., only the contact folder.

This can be done with the "Folder filter". You can see screenshots of all filters here.

If you're creating a new task, you can let Easy2Sync for Outlook support you configuring the task. The software offers wizards for typical special cases, e.g. for synchronizing only the contacts:
Synchronize only the contacts

Other folders:
Of course, this will also work with other folders. There are wizards for the most important folders, all other folders can be configured either manually (button "Advanced" for both data storages) or with the wizard "Folders with unequal names".
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