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Many programs claim they could synchronize your files. But as soon as it exceeds trivial copying, they often fail. And it is YOUR DATA that gets lost. Easy2Sync has a complex rule-engine which handles even the most complex cases:

Example 1: Basics
You have a file on two PCs. (Since you don't have a server, the same file is stored on both computers.) You work on the file on your PC, doing lots of changes. Your co-worker later on has a short look the file on his PC and saves the file when closing the editor, just to be safe.

Sounds simple. But there are many synchronization programs (of which I only can warn) that will overwrite your version of the file with the more recent one of your coworker. Easy2Sync however would notice that both files were changed. You would be asked explicitly to resolve this conflict manually and would be informed that your coworker didn't change the filesize!

Example 2: Complex
You have a project (2,500 files in lots of subdirectories) on your notebook and your PC. On your PC, you deliberately deleted a part and installed an older version. On your notebook, you further changed 5 files. Some of them were deleted on your PC.

Too complicated? Not for Easy2Sync! The files that were changed normally are simply synchronized. For all other files, you will get a notice (which you can turn off just for this time or always). Of course Easy2Sync differentiates between normal files, the older files and the ones that are edited and deleted.

Example 3: Tricky
You have changed 10 files (in a subdirectory) on your notebook. On your PC, you renamed the directory and now want to synchronize your computers.

Simple? Be careful, most programs would simply delete your changes. The reason? The directory doesn't exist on the PC any more (under its old name). So, most programs believe it was deleted and thus delete it on your notebook, too. And with it all your work is deleted! However, Easy2Sync recognizes subdirectories that were renamed and includes this in its synchronization decisions. The files will be copied to your PC.
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