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ITSTH and the environment

It's our choice, how we treat this planet.

That's why I try to live and work environmentally friendly, too. The computers on which the software is developed and the support is done, run with green electricity. With the licenses I pay my Greenpeace membership. And where possible I try to use energy-saving lamps (and try LED lamps).

But can't we do more? This questions lead to this project. On the one hand to spare the earth some more CO2. On the other hand to, and that's even more important, to draw attention to the problem and to show that everybody can do something.

Blogs are popular. They're part of the problem, since every page that they deliver needs computing power and thus energy. But they can also help to solve the problem because the reach many and with the personal touch they're often more respected than the old media.

Thus my request to all blogger: Show that you care, join us, let us plant trees and inform the readers.

Thank you,

Thomas Holz
Owner of IT-Services Thomas Holz


I already started with my blogs and entered the first 6 trees to "get things growing". You can read the latest information about this project on the news page. Or of course in our blog. ;-)
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