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Skills: Programming languages

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Overview: Microsoft-specific technique for server-side script processing.
Details: I have first used active server pages for an online system for buying and registering program modules. The system was integrated into an older system for user account management.
Reference projects: WinOLS

Overview: Allows programming very close to the processor. Can be up to 3 times faster than compiler optimised code. The portability is zero.
Details: I use assembler only in exceptions, because it takes much more time to develop that other languages. In the projekt Airline Tycoon several graphics transparency and blending effect were programmed in assembler.
Reference projects: Airline Tycoon · Airline Tycoon Evolution

Overview: It is the precursor of C++ and seen from today not up-to-date. It lacks object-oriented concepts.
Details: I don't use C any more because I think that object oriented desgin is the better idea. The program "Mänick Mänschion" is a but older and still written in C.
Reference projects: Mänick Mänschion

Overview: Is the de-facto standard for most of the software development. The language offers a good performance and can be extended very good.
Details: I'm using C++ since several years. Templates, Exception Handling, Operator Overloading. If necessary you can even work on the assembler layer (Projekt Airline Tycoon) or create your own plugin-interface (Project WinOLS).
Reference projects: Airline Tycoon · Airline Tycoon Evolution · WinOLS

Overview: HTML and CSS are techniques for describing internet pages. DHTML uses both and allows dynamical changing websites, for example for menus.
Details: I'm using these techniques since several years, especially DHTML very much recently.
Reference projects: ITSTH.de · Sanitätshaus-Emmerich.de · Sherlock-Holmes.de

Overview: Mostly plattform independent programming languages which is gaining ground both for internet applications and classical applications.
Reference projects: Mavistar Travel

Overview: Tiny script language, which is integrated in all the usual browsers. It has nothing with java in common even though the name implies it.
Details: I'm using javascript on several websites (on this too) to create small specila effects.
Reference projects: Inscene.de · ITSTH.de · Themeparks.de · Sherlock-Holmes.de

Overview: Not very well-known scripting language, which is freely available and which can be integrated fairly easy into other software.
Details: The language features of Lua are quite similar to other script languages. The special thing about it is that it can be integrated into your own software to allow it to execute scripts. And that's exactly what I've done in a project.
Reference projects: CompanyLogoDesigner

Overview: Widespread & powerful skript language, especially for websites. It can solve many problems very fast. In bigger projects it can become quite hard to read.
Details: I learned perl on the university and used it quite often. I use the language everywhere, where applications use with textual data. I wouldn't recommend perl for large projects.
Reference projects: Sherlock-Holmes.de · WWWSql

Overview: A small script language with excellent possibilities for database access.
Details: PHP is a script language which I using more and more. It can be easily integrated with databases and HTML.
Reference projects: ITSTH.de · krimispiel.zdf.de · Saarbach.de

Overview: Standard language for database access (not for the programming itself).
Details: SQL is used for sending queries and actions to databases. I've used SQL together with C++, Perl and PHP for databases form IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and mySQL.
Reference projects: Evc.de · krimispiel.zdf.de · Saarbach.de

Wise Installer Scripting
Overview: A highly specialised script language that is integrated into the wise installation programm. It is perfect for complex installation processed, like driver os-dependent installations.
Details: Even though I haven't been using this language for long, so far I could fulfill every requirement. Like for example special copy and registration processed for Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000 or special cases like a reboot that is needed only under certain circumstances.
Reference projects: WinOLS

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