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· EasyMailing (Postcard mailing)
· TinyStat (Traffic analysis)
· WinOLS (Autotuning)
· WWWSql (Webprogrammierung)

EasyMailing (Postkartenversand)
Based on my product EasyPostcard I developed this modules for a customer. It enables you to send e-mail postcards not only to single, but also to groups of recipients.
Client: About Time Multimedia
Skills: Perl

TinyStat (Traffic analysis)
TinyStat is a configurable tool for the recording and online analysis of visitor numbers. The pages that you are interested in are simply marked. The results can be viewed online without delay.
Client: Prisma Verlag
Skills: Perl

WinOLS (Car tuning)
A special application for the PC-based Chip-Tuning of cars. Nowadays all engine characteristics in the cars are controlled by a computer. The data in this computer can be edited to change the engine properties. With WinOLS an excellent tool was created to allow changes on the (normally incomprehensible) data. Special hardware is addressed by drivers which are installed automatically when the application is set up.
Client: EVC Electronic
Skills: ASP · C++ · MFC · Wise Installer Scripting

WWWSql (Web programming)
The topic of my dissertation was the creation of an interface to any search engine in the internet. WWWSql can be adapted to the textual output of a search engine by configuration issues. A third party application then can used a standard interface for input and output.
Skills: HTML/DHTML/CSS · Perl

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