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TheBest Minimize to Tray - Features

Why is "TheBest Minimize to Tray" better than the others?

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 Minimizes any program next to the system clock.
No matter if Office-, E-Mail or Internet applications. You can minimize all of them into a small icon and restore them when needed. The programs won't be closed but will stay in memory, keep their data and will be back immediately.

 Absolutely simple to use.
There aren't any details. It's just simple.

 Exceptions can be made for any program.
You can make exceptions for any program, if you like. Programm A shouldn't be minimized, Programm B should be minimized instead of closed when clicking on the X and program C will automatically be minimized if it isn't used.

 Configurable: Minimizes when YOU want it.
Right click, Left click, on the minimize or close button, with alt, ctrl or shift. Doesn't matter. It works as YOU like it.

 Convenient: Unused programs can automatically be minimized.
We clean up for you. Programs that haven't been used for some minutes can automatically be minimized into the tray. Either all programs or just chosen ones. You decide.

 Boss-Key: Hide forbidden programs with a single hand movement.
Haven't you ever visited a website that isn't job-related? With an unobtrusive mouse movement (no mouse click or key press) all (active and inactive) programs like web browser or Windows entertainment are hidden in the tray.

System requirements:
· Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP
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