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  • Very fast, very safe, very configurable, very easy to use
  • Is used worldwide by companies, groups, governmental institutions and individuals
  • A freeware edition is available to try it out

  • Synchronization over any network type. LAN, WLAN, it doesn't matter as long as the Windows network recognizes it, it will also work with Easy2Sync
  • Requests may be turned off, so that Easy2Sync can work on its own
  • Timer-based synchronization is supported
  • Unlimited files and directories (Only Home and Business Edition)
  • Synchronize on windows start or shutdown
  • Synchronize FTP servers
  • Easy2Sync also runs as service
  • Renamed directories are being recognized

Synchronization types:
  • Synchronization: Both computers have the same rights; Changes are transferred
  • Copy: One computer has not rights and just receives the changes from the other
  • Copy always: Copies even files that seem to be unchanged (for TrueCrypt)
  • Overwrite: The same, but mails will never be deleted
  • Move: Moves everything or only files from one folder to another
  • Flatten: Copies all files from a tree into a single folder
  • Copy rights: Transfers only the NTFS rights
  • Delete: Deletes all files that match the filter conditions

Synchronization filters:
  • Age: The age of the object can be used to exclude objects.
  • File name: File can be filtered by their name / suffix.
  • Size: You can exclude objects from the sync depending on their type.
  • Folder: You can configure for each folder, if it should be synchronized.

  • All requests can be turned off
  • The synchronization overview allows you to answer requests in groups
  • The synchronization wizard poses one question at a time
  • The synchronization shows all requests in form of a list
  • All wizards may be turned off
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