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  • Very fast, very safe, very configurable, very easy to use
  • A freeware edition to try it out is available
  • Synchronizes e-mails (all editions), calendar items, contacts, journal entries, notes and tasks (Business Edition).

  • Synchronization over any network type. LAN, WLAN, doesn't matter. As long as the Windows network recognizes it, it will also work with Easy2Sync for Outlook
  • Only the changes are transferred - perfect for huge PST files
  • Requests may be turned off, so that Easy2Sync for Outlook can work on its own
  • Timer-based synchronization is supported
  • Unlimited mails and folders (Only Home and Business Edition)
  • Synchronize on windows start or shutdown possible
  • Easy2Sync for Outlook also runs as service
  • Renamed directories are being recognized
  • Synchronizes PST files and even Exchange Servers (incl. public folders)

Synchronization filters:
  • Age: The age of the object can be used to exclude objects.
  • Category: You can filter objects by their Outlook category.
  • Folder: You can configure for each folder, if it should be synchronized.
  • Private: If you want, only private (or non-private) contacts, calendar entries, etc. are synchronized. (Only Business Edition)
  • Spam: Skips spam e-mails from the sync.
  • Subject: Texts from the subject can be used as a filter.
  • Type: The object type can be used to filter data.

Synchronization types:
  • Synchronization: Both computers have the same rights; Changes are transferred
  • Copy: One computer has not rights and just receives the changes from the other
  • Overwrite: The same, but files will never be deleted

Team mode:
  • Multiple folders (e.g. calendars or contacts) can be merged into a team folder.
  • Calendar items can be marked with a name.
  • The text in private calendar items can be replace with a default text to block anonymously.

  • All requests can be turned off
  • The synchronization overview allows you to answer requests in groups
  • The synchronization wizard poses one question at a time
  • The synchronization shows all requests in form of a list
  • All wizards may be turned off

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