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· Graphics editing
· InfoOffice RedDot
· Internet-Programming
· Sound editing
· WebSite Marketing

Graphics editing
Overview: General term for creating and changing graphics.
Details: The creating of graphics surely is not my core skill, nevertheless I can produce quite good results. My websites prove this.
Reference projects: ·

Overview: A protocol that regulates the transport of files in the WWW.
Details: The HTTP protocol determines the way images and texts are transferred in the WWW. The knowledge of this protocol is essential for special effects (like redirection), analysis of HTTP streams or the programming of spiders.
Reference projects: Goldrush (not published) · · WWWSql

InfoOffice RedDot
Overview: Content-Management System, which allows an extremely simple use by the editor.
Details: The RedDot System reduces the learning phase for editors to perform changes on the website to a minimum. The user may change the website by surfing and editing. For this the website must be prepared with additional information.
Reference projects: none

Overview: Programming of applications which use Internet-Services
Details: Some applications require the integration of Internet-Services. This doesn't just mean that the application can display the homepage of its company. Furthermore the program can directly access via FTP or HTTP other websites, query search engines, check the serial number of the producer's server or surf independently as "Spider" and collect data.
Reference projects: Goldrush (unpublished) · WinOLS · WWWSql

Overview: Microsoft Library for the programming of C++.
Details: The MFC (Microsoft Foundation Classes) support many areas of the software development but are especially helpful for the programming go graphical interface. As a disadvantage the application is bound to the windows-world.
Reference projects: WinOLS

Sound editing
Overview: General description for the creation and editing of sound effects.
Details: You rarely have the right audio material. Often you need steps like filters, cutting, changes in lengths / frequency or the combination of materials to create the right output.
Reference projects: Airline Tycoon · Airline Tycoon Evolution ·

WebSite Marketing
Overview: General term for making websites well-known.
Details: To make a website well-known there are a large number of possible strategies. Registering it in directories, search engines, optimising metatags and bridge pages are the most well-known techniques. But press releases, mailings or press contacts can be helpful, too.
Reference projects:

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