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Screenshots 1-Click Duplicate Delete for Files

To save an image on your computer please use the right mouse button to click on the desired quality level and select "save".

  Welcome dialog
Lo-Res, 260x176
Hi-Res, 634x430
  Confirmation dialog
Lo-Res, 260x155
Hi-Res, 803x481
  Scan progress
Lo-Res, 260x151
Hi-Res, 595x346
Lo-Res, 260x178
Hi-Res, 524x359
  Advanced config: Where
Lo-Res, 260x175
Hi-Res, 634x428
  Advanced config: Which
Lo-Res, 260x175
Hi-Res, 634x429
  Advanced config: How
Lo-Res, 260x176
Hi-Res, 634x430
  Advanced config: What
Lo-Res, 260x176
Hi-Res, 634x430

Legal stuff: All texts and images in this press kit may be used for free in online and print publications to report about ITSTH.com and its products. All texts and images may be modified as long as their basic message remains the same. A reference for the source is not required.
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