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References: Entertainment products

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· Airline Tycoon (Economic simulation)
· Airline Tycoon Evolution (Economic simulation)
· Kinderkwiz (Quizspiel)
· Mänick Mänschion (Adventure)
· Sherlock-Holmes.de (Online-Adventure)

Airline Tycoon (Economic simulation)
Economic simulation with lots of grafics and special effects. Many good reviews and euphoric fans show the success of the game. In this project I did a big part of the concept and a very big part of the programming. In the background of the game runs a complex economic simulation. For the foreground several grafical special effect were designed and programmed. Parts were optimised in assembler so the game would run smoothly on a moderate target sytem (a Pentium 100 Mhz) with features like parallax scrolling or fullscreen overblending in real-time.
Skills: Assembler · C++ · Cool Edit

Airline Tycoon Evolution (Economic simulation)
The successor of the great Airline Tycoon was developed several years after the original by me. The most exiting feature is definitively the easy to use editor which allows the player to construct his own planes.
Kunde: Spellbound Software
Skills: C++ · Cool Edit

Kinderkwiz (Quizspiel)
For ARI Data a prototype of an entertainment software was constructed by me to give ARI an impression how a later final product would look like.
Kunde: Ari Data
Skills: Poser 4

Mänick Mänschion (Adventure)
Freeware adventure from my university time. Mentioned in many party of the internet and show on NBC Giga. An old project. The strange name is a parody of the classical computer game. The program contains an interpreter for a scriptlanguage which I developed myself. The language was translated by a scriptcompiler which I also developed.
Skills: C

Sherlock-Holmes.de (Online-Adventure)
This online game created a lot of media attention. Reports and interviews were broadcasted by more than 15 radio stations and several well-known online- and print magazines reported about it, for example the Stern, c't and Die Welt. The special thing about this game is that it can be played without a download. A part of the english version was translated by me. The english mail is handled only by me.
Skills: Englisch · Grafikbearbeitung · HTML/DHTML/CSS · Javascript · Paintshop · Perl · Soundbearbeitung

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