Easy2Sync for Files

Synchronize mobile / tablet computer

New in version 5.00:
Now it's possible to sync your files from your mobile / tablet PC (in general Shell/MTP device) with your PC or (s)FTP server. Simply connect by USB and sync. This words for example with the iPhone, iPad, Samsung's Galaxy/Note and many other devices.

Why? For example:
  • Copy the newest photos from your iPhone
  • Sync your Office documents with your iPad
  • Fill Android devices with a standard files configuration

Create a task. Select the folders. Run the tasks. That's all.

· This feature requires Windows Vista or later.
· The device has to be connected by USB and needs to be visible in the explorer. A drive letter is not required.

Only files can be synchronized that the mobile allows to access. Files that are protected again access, cannot be synchronized by Easy2Sync either.
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