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Synchronizing team calendars

There are many programs that can sync calendars between different Microsoft Outlook installations. Quite useful if you’re working together with other people and need to view other people’s calendar items.

However, this also brings up some privacy issues. If you also put your private dates in your business calendar (almost unavoidable if you sync it with your cell phone) you won’t be too happy that everybody else can see them. Furthermore, if many people use the calendar the mixture can become difficult to understand. If there’s one item "Make important call" in the calendar - who wrote it?

That’s why you need special adjustsments when synchronizing a team calendar and a software to support them. The privacy issue is could be solved quite easily by filtering out items marked as "private" in Outlook. However, this can cause problems, too. Because your secretary wouldn’t know which times in your schedule are already taken by private chores, she might add new ones where you don’t have time.

That’s why you need the software to have a better handling of the situation. Easy2Sync for Outlook is such a program. It can recognize private calendar items and instead of just blocking it from the sync (which it could also do), it can modify them. Depending on your preferences it can complete replace the existing subject with a new text (like "private") or just add a text to the subject. The latter can be useful for marking the ownership of non-private items in the calendars by appending the owner’s initials to the subject.

That brings us to another item (which you can do with Easy2Sync for Outlook, too, btw). So far we only talked about synchronization which ussually is a 1:1 relationship between two Outlook folders. But probably that’s not what you want. You’d rather keep your own calendar clean of other people’s items and have your own item added to a team calendar which contains everbody’s items. And not only added once – you want your updates to be mirrored to the team calendar, too. That’s why the software needs another mode instead of synchronizig. Easy2Sync for Outlook calls this team calendar mode. And it lets you decide if you want to allow changes to your calendar items in the team calendar mirrored back to your own calendar or whether you want to prohibit that.

We’ve reached the end of this overview of team calendars. Here’s a short summary of what’s possible and what’s to consider with team calendars:
So, good luck with your calendar synchronization and try our Outlook calendar sync software!
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