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Digg, Delicious & Co in JS popup menu.
There are many services like Digg and Delicious out there. So many that some pages show an annoying collection of icons and links. Here's how you can avoid that:

This pop-up menu is done by a single line of javascript. It auto-detects the url and the page name, it detects the browser and include a "browser bookmark" link, if you're using IE. And it's free. Just steal it. ;-)

Here's how to use it:
  1. Unpack the archive somewhere in your website. Move the bookmark_icons directory if you want.
  2. Configure the skript. Change the "sb_iconpath" path and the "sb_text" text if you like. Change the support service at the end of the file if you like.
  3. Include it in any page you like with this: <script language=javascript src="bookmark.js"></script>

Thank's all! ;-)

Have fun!
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