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· About-Time Multimedia (Advertising agency)
· ARI Data (Software distribution)
· EVC Electronic (car industrie)
· KarstadtQuelle AG (Retail trade, Fashion)
· Spellbound Software (Entertainment)
· ZDFnewmedia (Media)

About-Time Multimedia (Advertising agency)
For About-Time I have developed a variant of my product EasyPostcard. The option to send e-mail postcards to entire lists of recipients was integrated.
Reference projects: EasyMailing

ARI Data (Software distribution)
For ARI Data I did the prototype of an entertainment software to give them an impression how the later product might look like.
Reference projects: KinderKwiz

EVC Electronic (car industrie)
EVC Electronic is speicialised on car electronics and ECU adaptions. For EVC I have ported the existing DOS-application "OLS" to windows and extended it very much. Furthermore I did a grafical relaunch of their website and developed several programs and scripts for their website.
Reference projects: · WinOLS

KarstadtQuelle AG (Retail trade, Fashion)
The KarstadtQuelle group owns several intern and extern website which I helped to created or administrate. After by work for Spellbound was employed from 05/1999 to 03/2001 by the KarstadtQuelle AG. From the pure software development to project management I did a broad spectrum of work.

The website is still being adminstrated by ITSTH. For I have developed a postcard module.
Reference projects: ·

Spellbound Software (Entertainment)
Spellbound develops computer games. After my stufy I have developed computer games for the Gessert & Haessig GdbR from 10/1997 to 04/1999. Compared to the classical software development this idnsutrie is much more difficult when it comes to performance and innovation. Apart from the programming my work was the design, project management and presentation for press and TV.
Recently I have programmed the successor product Airline Tycoon Evolution for Spellbound are developed several scripts for their website.
Reference projects: Airline Tycoon · Airline Tycoon Evolution

ZDFnewmedia (Media)
ZDFnewmedia ist die Online-Abteilung des ZDF. Für das ZDFkrimispiel habe ich neben technischer Beratung die gesamte technische Umsetzung erledigt. Datenbankdesign und -programmierung, HTML-Code, PHP-Skripte.
Reference projects: ZDFkrimispiel

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