The year is coming to an end, as it is again time to plant the trees. 75 tree this time.
(Note: Unfortunately not all the trees were available like 'ordered', so I had to replace beech / pine / robinia with wild apple / -cherry / -peach. I hope that's okay ;-)

The king is dead, long live the king! We renewed the compaign, but changed the link. For all new postings, it's now just pointing at our domain name. And, yes, we still pay for your trees. ;-)

Finally! After waiting so long, the new I plant a tree project area can be planted. Because we had to wait for such a long time, a whopping 341 trees have 'piled up'. Regrettably, not all selected tree types can be planted. But we didn't want to wait even longer, so we chose to plant maple (instead of pine) and wild apple/cherry/pear (instead of robinia). I hope all participating blogs are okay with this!

With a total of 1051 trees we already passed the planned mark. That's why we will close end this campaing (also beause of financial reasons, you can calculate the costs ;-) soon. Until the end of the year you still have time to plant, then we'll stop it...

We passed 100 trees mark again. ;-) So we now donated 106 trees to I plant a tree!
(Note: Again, there weren't any pine trees, so we chose oaks instead.

Actually we planned for another 100 trees. But I was too slow (or the blogs too fast), so we now donated 103 trees to I plant a tree!
(Note: Once again, there weren't any pine trees. Again, we chose oaks instead.

We have another 90 trees and donated the trees to I plant a tree!
(A note: I plant a tree still doesn't have any places for pine trees. Again, we chose oaks instead and hope that this is okay for all participating blogs. ;-)

We reached the 400! Today the 400th blog registered and we now we can plant the 400th blog. Great!
(A note: Currently I plant a tree doesn't have any places for pine trees. We chose oaks instead and hope that this is okay for all participating blogs. ;-)

This time "only" 60 trees! Perhaps we can get some more? ;-)

Another 158 trees!!!

New record. Thanks to the participating blogs we were able to donate 101 trees!

Donated another 15 trees!

We donated the first round of 25 trees. Thanks to all partaking blogs!

We're ready, the page is about to go live. While proofreading, my wife was so enthusiastic about the idea that she already donated the first 11 trees - without even having a blog. Thank you!

Talked to Michael from "I plant a tree" today and was glad that he liked the idea very much.

Here's already their widget, even if it right now (18.3.) still shows "0". But that is going to change, soon.

Had the idea the day before yesterday and started today with web pages and texts to give the idea some structure.
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