First steps: Cliptexts

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What is a cliptext?

Cliptexts are text modules (also known as boilerplates). Defined once, they can be inserted numerous times. This is very useful to define typical texts just once and paste them over and over. ReplyButler brings lots of cliptexts along, ready to use. You can find them in the menus that are shown in the ReplyButler Toolbar. Give it a try.


Using cliptexts

Simply choose the desired cliptext from the menu. A toolbar will show you the text behind the headline even before inserting it. If you've already used the text a few times previously, ReplyButler will learn when it is useful and offer the matching cliptexts in the "Context".




ReplyButler can do more than other programs. Cliptexts can be defined with "Variants". This means that one cliptext (for example the cliptext "Delay in delivery") can contain several effective texts. This allows you to store texts in multiple languages under one single cliptext name. Depending on the context, ReplyButler automatically inserts the right text.


Professional users can also define variants with their own criteria. For example the same text in formal and in informal style. Userdefined conditions are also possible, for example the store a refund text for product A, B and C.



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