First steps: Answers

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Simply click on "Reply" for an e-mail and ReplyButler will formulate the answer. It will automatically adjust itself to language an style of the e-mail. You can also language and style in the addressing menu later.



You can define an exception for individual persons. For example if you want to address a good friend always with the first name or with a special greeting phase that you only use for him. For this, open the "addressing" menu and choose the menu item "Exception for this person...".


Change phrases

ReplyButler includes addressing and greeting phrases for several languages. You can of course enter your own phrases. Open the "Configuration" menu of ReplyButler and choose "Options". On the page "Phrases" you can change the phrases.


Problem: Wrong sender name?


If you've configured your name correctly in Outlook, ReplyButler will automatically detect it. If this doesn't work, your e-mails are signed correctly and you have to enter your name manually. Open the "Configuration" menu of ReplyButler and choose "Options". On the page "My data" you can enter your name.


Problem: No recognition, when...


In some cases ReplyButler can't write an answer. For example when the sender's first and last name cannot be identified clearly.


Trick: Multilingual signatures


Perhaps you have an Outlook signature with you contact data that is automatically appended to each mail. You can, if you like, make this multilingual and have automatically the right one appended to each mail depending on the mail's language. For this, simply remove the signature in Outlook and append it to the greeting phrase (See "Change phrases").



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