Introduction to the synchronization
A new task
A new task: Basics
Task type
A new task: Exceptions
A new task: Automatic start
Synchronize time-based
Startup, Shutdown, Logon
Changes in the file system
Changes in availability
A new task: Advanced
Custom steps
The start assistant
Important dialogs
The task overview
The options dialog
Options: Confirm when
Options: Automation
E-Mail settings
Options: Windows
Options: Close applications
Options: Other
Options: FTP
Synchronization overview
Synchronising a task
Further dialogs
Define computers
Correct file time manually
Extended directory definition
Close Applications
Positive list
Negative list
Special conditions
Detail explanations
Positive- & Negative lists
Examples of use for positive- and negative lists
Samples for file filters
Directory filter with and without path
Samples for directory filters
Explanation and typical problems for filters
File filter with and without path
Centralizing lists
Further details
Example for directories
Easy2Sync on USB devices
Delete database
Summary dialog
Security notice for passwords
Synchronization overview
Symbol explanation main list
Symbol explanation
Special items
Startup parameters
Synchronising safely
Notes for FTP-Synchronising
Notes for rotating Backups
Easy2Sync as Service
Problem solutions
Configuration files
Password problems
Copyright & Licensing