N5132.[A+3][B][(C+D)*33-30] E6[A][4+1].[3*1+3*2][A/2][(A+B)*2+2*C]

Proof of concept: Automatically calculating coordinates from formulas.

This sample demonstrate how a simple Javascript can automatically interpret a formula in a web page and make it clickable so that it can easily be calculated on a mobile phone. Since many geocaching apps use web views to display the data, it should be easy to integrate.

This is just a demo. It's not perfect, but it's easy to use. Just keep tapping on the links. (Note: This was made for mobile devices where tapping is fast+easy.)

Author: Thomas Holz
License: cc-by
This means that you can copy and modify it. So contact your favorite app author and tell him about this. ;-)