TheBest Minimize to Tray

Sooooooo much space on your desktop

You're always running 10 programs at a time? TheBest Minimize to Tray helps you to stay on top of things: It can minimize any program into the tray (as an icon next to the system clock).

Your windows get mini-minimized by clicking on the minimize (or the close) button at their top-right-corner. Or automatically if you don't use a program for some time. You'll never want to miss it any more!

All programs are still running in the background and are immediately back when you click on their icon.

Try now, it's free: Download the trial now (1.15).
Or get the full version immediately: Buy now!

Better than others:
 Minimizes any program next to the system clock.
 Absolutely simple to use.
 Exceptions can be made for any program.
 Configurable: Minimizes when YOU want it.
 Convenient: Unused programs can automatically be minimized.
 Boss-Key: Hide forbidden programs with a single hand movement.

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