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Privacy Statement for ReplyButler for Gmail

IT-Services Thomas Holz takes protecting your personal data very seriously, and strictly observes all applicable regulations. Personal data is collected only to the extent necessary for technical purposes. Under no circumstances is your personal data sold or transferred in any way to other parties.

The following statement will give you an overview of how we guarantee the safety of your information, and for what purposes it is used.

Which data is used
ReplyButler for Gmail automatically uses information from your Gmail account to write an addressing/greeting phrase you. This includes:
IT-Services Thomas Holz does not associate this information with any person. It is not associated with data that we obtain from other sources, and after creating the addressing/greeting phrase, we're not storing it.

Is any e-mail data transferred to non Google-servers?
No. Creating the addressing/greeting phrase is done on Google servers only.

Is any other data transferred to non Google-servers?
From time to time, we transfer a hash value of your e-mail address to itsth.de. We do that to check if you have booked a service with us that extends the addon and to retrieve the canned replies that you may have entered on itsth.de.

If you have not booked a sevice with us, we cannot reconstruct your e-mail address of the hash value.

The transfer is performed from a Google server, thus we don't get your IP address either.

Right to be Informed
At any time, you have the right to be informed about the personal data that we have recorded, its originator and recipient, as well as the use to which it is put. This information can be obtained from the Data Protection Administrator ().

Additional Information
We value your trust in us. That is why we stand ready to discuss and answer your questions about how we process your personal data at any time. If you have questions not answered by this Data Protection Statement, please contact the Data Protection Administrator () at any time.

Legal information
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