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FAQ - Typical questions

How do I install ReplyButler for Gmail?
Visit the Gmail Marketplace and confirm the installation there. Then press F5 once in Gmail.

How do I install ReplyButler for Gmail in the app?
You don't. Instead, install it in your browser from the Gmail Marketplace. Then it will also appear automatically in the Gmail App.

Where can I find ReplyButler for Gmail after installation?
In the browser: Open an email and click on the ReplyButler icon on the right side of the screen.
App: Open an email, scroll down and click on the ReplyButler icon.

How do use ReplyButler for Gmail?
When you read an e-mail, a salutation and text modules automatically appear in the sidebar (in the app: below). Tap on the greeting phrase to create a reply mail with the greeting phrase. Or tap on a text module to add it and the greeting phrase.

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