Feature overview

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Automatic answer support

Simply click on "Reply" for any e-mail and ReplyButler will automatically write the addressing and greeting phrase for you.


Recognition of language, style, gender

Your ReplyButler automatically recognizes all these things and writes the matching answer. In the right language, with the right style (first/last name) and the right addressing by name.


Ready-to-use text modules

Your ReplyButler automatically includes text modules for the everyday use in the office and for journalists. Ready to use.


Support of Shop/CRM-Systems

ReplyButler supports the PlentyMarkets system. Other systems can be integrated manually. You can query data from the internet depending on the current e-mail address and then use it in the preview windows and/or in text modules. Furthermore a hotkey can bring you directly to the right webpage in your shop system.


Integrated into Outlook

ReplyButler is seamlessly integrated into Outlook and supports the Outlook versions 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 and 2002. (Not Outlook Express!)


Ads in the mail footers

The Freeware-Edition of ReplyButler adds two short, inconspicuous ad lines to your e-mails. This allows you to use the Freeware Edition as long as you like. Free. Your e-mails are not analyzed to advertising purposes.


Your own text modules

Business Edition only: You can write your own text modules and integrate them seamlessly into the existing cliptexts.


Automatic movement of answered mails

Business Edition only: Do you move each e-mail into the right archive folder after answering it? From now on ReplyButler does this for you!


Delayed sending

Business Edition only: ReplyButler makes it easier to send an e-mail with a delay, e.g. for the support.


Adjusting the spellchecker language

Business Edition only: Do you speak multiple languages? You ReplyButler can automatically configure the Outlook spellchecker for the language of the mail. Never change it manually again!


Removal of "RE: AW: WG:"

Business Edition only: Your ReplyButler automatically removes these ugly collections in the subject line.


Text modules in the network

Business Edition only: Several people can use the same cliptexts in a company network.




Outlook text modules