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In the ReplyButler sidebar you can see the tab with the alternative "info / case note / person note". The page info shows (like before) information about the current cliptext or about the current plentyMarkets customer.


If you activate "case note", you will get a small editor instead of the info window. Here you can enter notes. They will be stored and can be viewed on any e-mail of this conversation.


The "person note" works quite similar. The difference is that here the notes are stored in references to the e-mail address of the customer (regardless of the conversation). This allows you to save notes for a customer.


Multi-user environment:

Each note is saved in its own text file. By default the file is stored in the same path as the options file. You can enter a different path for the notes in the options at "My data". You can also use a network path here that is used by multiple ReplyButler users. The filename of a person note consists of the text "PersonNote_" and the e-mail address. The filename of a case note consists of the text "CaseNote_", the e-mail address and the e-mails's subject (or if available: The ReplyButler tracking number from the subject instead).


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