How can I use the same cliptexts on notebook AND desktop PC?

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If you have your own cliptext libraries you can simply share them with Windows in your local network. Then multiple users can use the same files.




If you don't have a network connect, each PC needs to have a copy of the ClipTextLib files. To transfer changes automatically to all other PCs, we recommend our software "Easy2Sync for Files", available at To make the synchronization easier you can split the cliptexts into multiple libraries and let ReplyButler join them dynamically via the menu fusion. That makes synchronization conflicts (when several PCs modified the same file) less probable.




When using the tracking code feature you can enter a filename or http address instead of a verbatim tracking code. This way you can store the current code on a central server or let it be generated directly by your http-server.
You can also move the options file to a network driver. Leave all name fields (on the page "my data") empty to use the data of the current Outlook user.



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